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The opportunity came up for me to be able to contribute to aid for Japan using my talents and I decided to seize the moment.  On twitter, I found out that York University’s Japanese International Students Association was making and selling cranes to donate to Japan’s earthquake/tsunami relief.  The next day, I made my way to campus and found them still making cranes.  I took most of the cranes I had used to make the 108 crane Japan flag as well as others I could spare and left it with them.

My huge smile is because I’m thrilled with the idea that I used the cranes
to make a nice picture and then they can provide further benefits.


I am currently making another 108 red and white cranes to donate to another earthquake/tsunami relief effort.  I’m still debating whether to just submit the tiny paper cranes, an origami box and a print or whether to mount them.  (I don’t like the idea of “ruining” the cranes with adhesives or making holes in them but I do like my wife’s suggestion of displaying them as a 3D piece of art.)  I am hoping they will be accepted for submission to a silent auction at a benefit party I plan to attend in the coming weeks.


Through all this I am wary of “marketing” this site too much in the process of trying to do some good.  I can recognize that it is certainly a double-edged sword.  I would hate to be accused of taking advantage of a crisis for my own benefit, while I realize at the same time that the more popular this site and the cranes are, the more good I can do.  All I can hope is that my sincerity is something that comes through in my interactions with these organizations.

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